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Sr. Fairboard

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The Senior Fair Board is one of the governing bodies of the Ottawa County Fair. Other groups, such as the Junior Fair Board and Livestock Sale Committee report to the Senior Fair Board and are considered governed by them. The Senior Fair Board maintains and upkeeps the fair grounds, ultimately decides events at the Fair, and are in charge of all non-youth oriented activities and open shows. 


The Ottawa County Ag. Society Director election will take place on Sunday, July 21, 2024 from 12 p.m.-4 p.m.

Nominating Petition

Message from the Fair Board...


The Ottawa County Fair is a small county fair in Northern Ohio, located just outside of Oak Harbor. Although a small, our Fair contains rich history for many of our fairgoers that have spent many generations in our barns. Most will tell you that on the fairgrounds is where they learned some of life's most valuable lessons. Each year our dedicated board members sit around the table with a goal of producing a Fair that will allow your children and grandchildren to have the same experiences that we all had in those very same barns. This year, we are excited to welcome back fairgoers and help each of you once again find the joy for your county fair. The 58th annual Ottawa County Fair will be one that is remembered forever for the memories made, the events held, and the opportunities presented. We hope you will join us in creating the Fair that you once roamed with smiles, cotton candy, and your family and friends.. 


God Bless,

Ottawa County Senior Fair Board

2024  Directors & Officer Team

President: Zak Avers

Vice President: Sherri Kleinhans

Second Vice President: Mike Libben

Treasurer: Jodi Regal

Secretary: Amy Risch


Term Expiring 2024
Diana Chambers
Sherri Kleinhans
Jarred Molesky 
*Chris Milbrodt
*Zak Avers

*Mandy Knecht

Term Expiring 2025
Mike Libben
Amy Risch
Ed Wagner
Dani McLaughlin
Term Expiring 2026
Mike Johnson
Brian Kleinhans
Alex Edge
Bill Edge

* = appointed to fill a vacancy until the end of the current year's term;
must run in the 2024 election and be voted on to serve another term
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