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The Ottawa County Fair is officially one of the youngest county fairs in the state of Ohio. It began at Veterans Park in the Village of Oak Harbor in 1964 and moved to it's current location, three miles outside of town on State Route 163 in 1966. There was an earlier "Ottawa County Fair" that took place in Port Clinton - check out the premium books below from 1881 and 1884!

1973 King & Queen

These books were donated by the family of Rebecca and Regina Lullman, the daughters of Henry H. and Christina (Buck) Lullman of Danbury Township. Their grandfather, Claus Buck, was one of the five earliest German settlers of the area. Both sisters passed away in 1949, and their relatives were very happy to see the Fair re-established. They  wanted these books to be given to the Sr. Fairboard to be displayed in honor of the Lullman sisters.

These books, along with a few other very cool items, are on display in the Sr. Fairboard office next to the American Flag.

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