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Jr. Fairboard

The Junior Fair Board is a governed body underneath the Senior Fair Board that is charged with administering the youth-oriented programs and events at the Ottawa County Fair. The Junior Fair Board consists of youth aged 13-18 (or 18+ and still enrolled in 4-H / FFA) who serve as officers and members, and adults are in charge of separate departments ranging from Livestock to Individual Project Areas (Woodworking, Aerospace, etc.)


They meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Jr. Fairboard office at the Fairgrounds.

Please visit the Jr. Fairboard office to request an application to join the team!

2022-2023  Officer Team

President: Caitlynn  Noble

Vice President: Brock Perry

Secretary/Treasurer: Lexi Perry

Social Media / Public Relations: Gracie Sprague

2023  Chairpersons

2023 Jr. Fairboard

JFB In-Training

  • Caitlynn Noble

  • Payton Donnelly 

  • Kole Knecht

  • Brooklyn Starkey

  • Seth Lenke

  • Tait Dusseau

  • Jenna Damschroder

  • Gracie Sprague 

  • Brock Perry

  • Alexis Perry

  • Luke Perry

  • Alexis Perry

  • Amelia Tooman

  • Austin Wolf

  • Baylee Malik

  • Billy Hasselbach

  • Brock Perry

  • Brooklynn Starkey

  • Caitlynn Noble

  • Corrina Brough

  • Cory Hartman

  • Gracie Knecht

  • Gracie Sprague

  • Jack Barron

  • Jenna Damschroder

  • Josh Sander

  • Kennedy Donnelly

  • Kole Knecht

  • Luke Perry

  • Lyla Sprague

  • Madelyn Lenke

  • Madison Wolf

  • Noah Mylander

  • Payton Donnelly

  • Seth Lenke

  • Sydney Mahaney

  • Tait Dusseau

  • Tucker Lenke

  • Will Hartlaub 

  • Addy Gahler

  • Austin Torres

  • Caleb Soltis

  • Cecilia Munoz

  • Colleen Barron

  • Dean Kitzler

  • Erin Sutkus

  • Gabriela Neiderhouse

  • Griffin Gahler

  • Haylin Adkinson

  • Hunter Lenke

  • Jaxen Ruffier

  • Karmela Neiderhouse

  • Kase Knecht

  • Kayleigh Lenke

  • Kelsey Marquart

  • Kendyll Hartlaub

  • Killian Marsden

  • Kimber Hasselbach

  • Lane Kapp

  • Lauren Smith

  • Lilly Gahler

  • Logan Wolf

  • Maddison Sutkus

  • Madison Torres

  • Mya Huether

  • Natalie Smith

  • Rachael Soltis

  • Stella Laughlin

  • Veronica Munoz

  • Vivian Clement

  • Wade Kapp

Jr. Fairboard Mentors

Bailey Dusseau

Taylor Lenke

Olivia Rahm

Lauren St. Clair

Jr. Fairboard Advisors

Angie Rahm & Molly Avers

Junior Fair Organizations


The Junior Fair is made up of youth aged 9-18 who are members of the various youth organizations in the county.

Some of the youth organizations of the county have their members bring projects to the fair to be judged and to show off their prowess in different areas.


The Junior Fair serves as a method to educate other youth and the public on an organization's values and brings the county together in good sportsmanship.


The following are Ottawa County organizations that are involved in our fair:

  • 4-H

  • Future Farmers of America

  • Boy Scouts

  • Girl Scouts

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